Nail Dust Filter

Dust filter for Dust Collectors Manufactured by Manicure Systems



Product dedicated to: Maxim, Kinga, Viola, Iga, Ina, Petra, Duomax, Duotech,

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Why the dust filter is important

Dust filters for Manicure Systems dust collectors are made of high-quality certified non-woven filter fabric. They effectively eliminate dust generated during nail styling, hand polishing and the use of a nail drill machine.

Why choose our filter?
Our certified non-woven filter fabric, manufactured in Poland, traps more than 99% of dust, creating a clean and safe work environment for you and your clients. Whether you use lacquers, gels or acrylics in your work, our filter will provide effective protection from inhaling harmful dust.

Take care of your health and that of your clients by changing the filter regularly. We guarantee not only high efficiency, but also ease of installation and use. Maintain a pleasant and safe atmosphere in your beauty salon.

How to use the dust filter

Proper positioning: Make sure that the smooth side of the filter is facing down to ensure maximum filtration efficiency. In this way, the filter will be able to effectively catch and eliminate all dust and particles.

How often to replace: The filter can be used repeatedly, which translates into savings in operating costs. Simply remove the collected dust from the filter at a time when too much dust obstructs airflow. However, we recommend replacing the filter after several emptyings, as dust particles trapped in the pores of the fabric can affect the effectiveness of filtration.

What size for which dust collector: Filters are sized to fit various models of Manicure Systems dust collectors. Make sure you choose the right size before adding to your cart.

Maxim: Maxim, Viola, Duomax, Duotech, Iga, Ina, Kinga, Petra.
Medium: Aga, Anna, Bianca, Diana, Duoven, Duovox, Emilia, Maja, Ola, Ula, Ultimo.
Large: Monica.

Maxim Size

Medium Size

Large Size

  • Length 360mm
  • Width 360mm
  • Thickness 5mm
  • For: Monica.

Filters are an indispensable part of any professional beauty salon. Choose our products and enjoy the comfort of your work and the health of your staff.