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Why is the Petra nail desk a good choice?

Advanced dust collection system
Advanced dust collection system with carbon (odor absorbing) filter, and convenient inlet grille. The filters are simple and economical, providing fresh and clean air for 3 months without replacement.

Matching board decor
The Petra nail desk, available in the configurator, allows you to match the board decor to blend into your nail salon interior design, while providing outstanding functionality.

Premium drawers and shelves for your accessories
Equipped with convenient, roomy premium drawers and additional shelves for accessories, the Petra desk provides efficient work organization, making it easy to access all necessary tools.

Maxim dust collector - Guarantee of efficiency.
The powerful Maxim dust collector installed in the Petra desk is a guarantee of safety and air cleanliness, ensuring comfort at work.

Petra desk is not only about functionality and efficiency, but also harmony and style, which is perfectly in line with the requirements of professionals in the cosmetic industry.

Technical specifications of the Petra nail desk

Petra nail desk:

  • Length 1500mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 760mm
  • Infinitely adjustable fan speed
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Power: 83W

Drawer types:

  • S (small) drawer with a front height of 10cm
  • M (medium) drawer with a front height of 15cm
  • L (large) drawer with front height of 20cm
  • V (very large) drawer with front height of 30cm

For more information about drawers please visit our FAQ page

Petra nail desk filters

Dust filter

Filter positioning - The filter should be placed with the smooth side facing down, so as to effectively remove dust and pollutants.

Reusable - Our dust filter is reusable. Remove the dust collected on the surface of the filter to use it again. However, we recommend replacing it after three such uses to ensure continued protection as the pores in the filter become clogged.

Replacement filter availability - You don't have to worry about a shortage of filters, which are available from our online store immediately providing continuous protection. Be sure to buy the Maxim filter size.

Carbon filter

Long-lasting protection - One carbon filter can be used for up to 500 manicure procedures, providing reliable protection against harmful substances in lacquers and removers. Ordering takes seconds and you can buy it here.

Allergy Risk Reduction - Thanks to its effectiveness, the filter significantly reduces the risk of allergies, removing irritating odors and allergen fumes taking care of the health and comfort of your staff.

If you perform manicure treatments in your salon that do not emit odors, you can forgo the installation of a carbon filter to increase the suction power of the collector.

Petra nail desk - quality of materials used and durability of the product

Metal dust collector housing
The collector's sturdy metal housing provides durability and strength for years to come, ensuring reliability in use and eliminating worries about possible damage.

Brushed stainless steel
The inlet grille for the dust collector is located in the tabletop and is made of brushed stainless steel, which guarantees exceptional resistance to wear and tear, but also adds a touch of elegance.

European made components, Polish production
Manufactured from the highest quality components of European origin, the Petra desk is assembled in Poland, which guarantees high quality workmanship.

High-quality materials
The tabletop is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and aesthetics for years of intensive use.

Premium drawers and powerful fan
Premium quality drawers with silent closing and a powerful EC-class fan are the most important assets that distinguish our product on the market. They ensure not only functionality, but also efficiency and comfort in daily work.

Petra manicure desk is a combination of solidity, superior quality and functionality, creating a perfect workstation for beauty professionals.

What sets the Petra manicure desk apart?

  • Design - The desk is distinguished by its simple, aesthetically pleasing and classic design, which fits into various types of interior design, adding elegance to any nail salon.
  • Stainless Steel Grille - Equipped with a stainless steel inlet grille, it provides durability and resistance to working conditions, eliminating the risk of rust.
  • Simple filters with long life - The filters used in the dust collector are simple to replace and economical. The life of the carbon filter is about 3 months, ensuring lasting effectiveness in odors.
  • Accessory shelf - An additional accessory shelf allows you to keep essential tools and beauty products within easy reach, keeping your workstation organized.
  • Matching decor - The Petra nail desk offers configurable decor, so you can match the look of the desk to the aesthetics of your beauty salon, giving it a unique touch.

We are confident that the Petra nail desk will meet your expectations in terms of quality and comfort of work. Order now and experience how small changes can bring big benefits!