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Simple Nail Table With Dust Collector Bianca



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Bianca Nail Table Configuration:

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What makes the Bianca nail table a good choice?

Air exhaust location.
The Bianca nail table will make sure that you avoid unpleasant air blowing on your knees, eliminating knee frosting and potential problems with rheumatism in the future. The dust collector used in the Bianca model completely eliminates the risk of dust blowback that tends to happen in bag-type collectors.

Easy adjustment of fan power
The Bianca nail table is equipped with a stepless adjustment of fan power, thus guaranteeing optimal working conditions. We recommend setting half power when applying products during a manicure and full power when removing mass.

Convenient solutions
The power splitter for four 230V sockets is centrally activated by a switch on the control panel, making it easy to operate. The Bianca table is dampened by a material that reduces the noise generated by the fan, ensuring comfort during work.

Tailored to fit your salon
The Bianca Nail table has configuration options to match your salon's interior design needs. Check out the options in our configurator!

Technical specifications of the Bianca nail table

  • Length 1300mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Stepless adjustment of fan speed
  • Four-slot built-in 230V power distributor
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Power: 83W

filters for Bianca Nail table

Dust filter

Reusable - The dust filter is, above all, economical. When you feel it has filled up, simply remove the dust collected on it into a trash can and reuse it. After three changeovers, we recommend buying a new one to maintain effectiveness.

Proper placement - To ensure maximum efficiency, we recommend placing the filter with the smooth side down. This way, the filters will eliminate all dust and pollution, keeping the air in your salon clean.

Ordering new filters - Don't forget your replacement filters! You can easily order them on our website. Click here to make your purchase and ensure your continued protection from dust and pollution. Make sure to buy a medium size filter.

Carbon filter

Protection from harmful substances - Our carbon filter is designed to protect manicure personnel from inhaling harmful substances contained in varnishes, removers and other products used in manicures.

Reduction of allergy risk - Thanks to its high efficiency, the carbon filter significantly reduces the risk of allergies for nail technicians.

Long-lasting performance - One carbon filter is capable of handling about 500 manicures, making it an extremely economical and practical solution for your salon. If you need to replace the carbon filter, you can purchase one here.

If you perform manicures that do not emit harmful odors, you can forgo the installation of a carbon filter in order to increase the suction power of the dust collector.

The quality of materials used in the Bianca nail table

Innovative dampening materials
Manicure Systems distinguishes itself in the market by using professional damping materials to ensure unmatched quality and comfort.

Exceptional quality tabletop
The top of the Bianca table is the result of the use of highly regarded furniture boards from the Swiss Krono and Egger catalogs, of premium class. This ensures not only an elegant appearance, but also sturdiness and durability for years.

Top-of-the-line fan
The fan, supplied directly from the leader in the ventilation industry, are advanced models from the EC line, ensuring efficiency and reliability at the highest level.

Materials to ensure longevity
The housing of the dust collector is made entirely of powder-coated steel, which guarantees many years of operation even in demanding conditions of a beauty salon. The laser-cut stainless steel grille and frame ensure dimensional repeatability, durability and precision.

Tested under salon conditions
The Bianca nail table underwent long-term testing in our beauty salon for a period of two years before it went onto the market. This guarantees reliability you can count on.

What distinguishes the Bianca nail table

  • Filtration efficiency - Replaceable filters with granular activated carbon effectively remove harmful substances from the air during manicures, eliminating unpleasant odors. The life of the filters is about 3 months of intensive use. The non-woven dust filters ensure the precision of dust capture and very low operating costs.
  • Power and performance - The table features the largest inlet grille surface and suction power among similar devices on the market.
  • Hands-on testing - The size of the inlet grille and fan performance were tested for months by experienced manicurists, ensuring an optimal performance.
  • Comfort and protection - Elimination of unpleasant air blowing on the knees, which removes the risk of potential dust problems, cooling of the knees and risk of rheumatism. The absence of bags, which are used in low-cost dust collectors, minimizes the likelihood of dust blowback through the grille.
  • Performance control - Stepless fan performance adjustment allows optimal settings for different applications.
  • Safe power supply - An installed splitter for four 230V outlets makes it easy to manage devices, with a central switch on the control panel.
  • Comfort during work - The amount of damping material reduces the noise generated by the fan, which ensures comfort while doing work.

Don't hesitate! With the Bianca table, your salon will be ready for a new level of professionalism. Order now and enjoy the exceptional comfort of your work!