Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter for Dust Collectors Manufactured By Manicure Systems



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2 weeks Product available on order 2 days - 2 weeks within EU 2 years


Odor eliminating filter designed for manicure tables and desks manufactured by Manicure Systems.

High-performance filter that absorbs harmful odors generated during the performance of manicure. The filter is designed to protect manicure personnel from inhaling harmful substances that are contained in varnishes, removers and substances used in manicures.

Using this filter, it will not be necessary to use masks and fans that spread harmful odors throughout the salon. It is very effective in reducing the risk of allergies.

How to use the carbon filter to eliminate harmful and irritating odors

Replacement frequency: Our Manicure Systems dust collector carbon filter can last for about 500 manicures without needing to be replaced. So you can enjoy its effective properties for a long time, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable working environment in your beauty salon.

Option of removal: If you do not use manicure technology in your salon when performing manicures that produce irritating odors, the carbon filter can be removed, which will increase the suction power and contribute to more intense air circulation in the salon.

Technical Specifications

Distinguish your salon as a place where the health and comfort of clients and staff are taken care of. Order our filters now and join the elite group of salons that focus on quality and safety.