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Simple Manicure Desk With Dust Collector Viola



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Viola Nail Desk Configuration:

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What makes the Viola manicure desk a good choice?

Customized configuration of Viola nail desk
With a wide configuration of drawers - as many as 24 customizable options - the Viola nail desk becomes the perfect choice for any nail salon. This allows you to customize the furniture to suit your own needs. Gain full control over your work space.

Clean air, safe conditions
Equipped with a Maxim nail dust collector, the Viola manicure desk effectively eliminates dust and fumes emitted during manicures, ensuring fresh and clean air in your salon. The tabletop surface and containers are made of high-quality board, guaranteeing durability and safety.

Easy installation and delivery
The desk is delivered fully assembled on a transport pallet, making the installation process quick and easy. It is possible for the nail desk to be made with an English plug as well as a 120V version for the US market, guaranteeing versatility and adaptation to different standards.

Easy and fast filter replacement
The Viola nail desk provides easy and efficient filter replacement. The simple procedure ensures that fresh and clean air remains the standard in your salon. Used filters can be used several times before needing to be replaced.

Technical specifications of the Viola manicure desk

Viola nail desk:

  • Length 1500mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Stepless fan speed adjustment
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Power: 83W

Drawer types:

  • S (small) drawer with a front height of 10cm
  • M (medium) drawer with a front height of 15cm
  • L (large) drawer with front height of 20cm
  • V (very large) drawer with front height of 30cm

For more information about drawers please visit our FAQ page

Types of filters used in the Viola manicure desk

Dust filters

Full filter efficiency - Make sure the filter is placed with the smooth side down to effectively remove dust and particles, ensuring clean air around you.

Reusable - Our dust filter is reusable, which means you can use it multiple times. When you feel it is full, simply throw the dust collected on it into the trash . We recommend changing to a new one after a few times, as the pores of the filter may be clogged. On our site here you can easily order additional filters. Remember to buy the size Maxim filter.

Dust filters

Protection against hazardous substances - The carbon filter provides reliable protection against inhalation of harmful substances contained in varnishes, removers and other cosmetic products used in manicures.

Allergy risk reduction - Thanks to its effectiveness, this filter significantly reduces the risk of allergies, taking care of the health and comfort of staff.

Long-lasting performance - One carbon filter can handle as many as about 500 manicure treatments, making it extremely economical and efficient. If you need to replace the carbon filter, you can buy one here.

If you use manicure methods that do not emit odors. You can skip the installation of the carbon filter to increase the suction power of the dust collector.

Quality of materials used in the Viola manicure desk

High quality materials
The Viola manicure desk is the result of European precision and passion for quality. Every component of this desk comes from reputable sources in Europe, ensuring extraordinary strength and durability.

Premium drawers
The exceptional drawers are made of premium materials, ensuring reliable tool storage and convenience in your daily work.

Solid tabletop
The Viola manicure desk tabletop is the essence of solidity. Made of high-quality materials, which makes it an indispensable tool in beauty salons.

Powerful fan
Installed powerful EC-class fan with electronic speed control, minimal energy consumption and moderate noise level. is the key to clean and healthy air in your salon. Its high efficiency is able to effectively get rid of dust and unwanted fumes.

Robust metal housing
The metal housing of the Maxim dust collector, which comes with the Viola manicure desk, was created with reliability in mind. Its sturdy construction ensures not only exceptional durability, but also longevity to meet the demands of intensive work in a beauty salon.

What distinguishes the Viola manicure desk

  • Decor to match your salon - Choose from a wide range of decors to perfectly match the decor of your beauty salon.
  • Quick and easy filter replacement - Filter replacement system designed to be simple and extremely convenient.
  • Tailor-made drawer configuration - Flexibility in choosing drawer configurations, allowing you to customize your storage of essential tools.
  • Adjustable fan speed - Ability to adjust the fan speed to ensure the right power at the right time.
  • Durability and warranty - Robust structure that guarantees trouble-free and long-lasting operation of the unit.
  • Simple design and high functionality - Design that combines simplicity with functionality, allowing you to work efficiently while maintaining elegance in your salon.

Take care of your health and comfort by choosing the Viola manicure desk. Thanks to dust and carbon filtration, your nail salon will be a safe place for you and your clients.