Maxim Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter For Maxim Dust Collector



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Odor eliminating carbon filter for Maxim dust collector

The carbon filter for the Maxim dust collector is made of the thickest layer of activated carbon on the market, which provides extremely effective removal of unpleasant odors generated during manicures. Thanks to the active carbon in the form of granules, this filter guarantees a low resistance to airflow while having a high absorption capacity.

Investing in regular replacement of the carbon filter will certainly improve the comfort of your beauty salon, and preserve the health of both you and your clients.

How to use the carbon filter for the Maxim dust collector

Replacement frequency: Our odor-eliminating carbon filter for the Maxim dust collector can handle more than 500 manicures without needing to be replaced. So you can enjoy its effectiveness for a long period of time, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable working environment in your beauty salon.

Option to remove: If you do not perform manicures during which irritating fumes and odors are generated, it is possible to completely remove the carbon filter. This allows you to increase the suction power, which can be useful.

Technical Specifications

Protect your staff from inhaling harmful substances with our filters, which are a guarantee of clean and safe air in your salon. Order now and take care of your employees' health!