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Manicure Table With Nail Dust Collector Kinga



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Why is the Kinga manicure table a good choice?

Kinga manicure table - the perfect solution for small spaces
The Kinga manicure table was created with smaller beauty salons in mind, offering a compact design that fits perfectly into limited spaces. This not only gives you a comfortable workstation, but also saves space in your salon.

Clean and safe work environment
Equipped with a powerful dust collector with dust and carbon filters, the Kinga manicure table guarantees clean air around the workstation. Simple and economical filters require changing every 3 months (carbon filter), providing protection for that period.

Personalizing your salon
Kinga manicure table offers the option of personalization through the configurator, where it is possible to customize the decoration of the board to match the style and character of your salon. In this way, you get practical and functional workstation equipment, perfectly matched to your interior.

Kinga manicure table is a harmony of functionality, efficiency and customizability. The compact design will not only satisfy your needs, but also influence the unique appearance of your beauty salon.

Technical specifications of the Kinga Manicure Table

Kinga manicure table:

Kinga maniucure table is offered in two lengths and two leg styles

  • Length 1100mm or 1500mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 760mm
  • Infinitely adjustable fan speed
  • Weight: 28 or 36kg
  • Power: 82W

Kinga manicure table - filters that take care of your health

Dust filter

Proper filter placement - To guarantee full effectiveness, place the filter with the smooth side down, This allows dust to enter the pores of the filter.

Reusable - Our dust filter is reusable. You can simply shake the collected dust off the surface of the filter to a safe place. However, we recommend replacing it after three dust emptyings to ensure continued protection.

Ordering filters - You don't have to worry about running out of filters! You can easily order them from our website here, ensuring continuous protection. Remember to buy the Maxim filter size.

Carbon filter

Protection from harmful substances - The carbon filter provides protection for manicure technicians from inhaling harmful substances contained in varnishes and removers used during work.

Long-lasting protection - One carbon filter lasts for up to 500 manicure treatments, providing continuous protection against allergies and other reactions. If you need to replace the carbon filter then you can purchase one here.

Minimize the risk of allergies - Thanks to its effectiveness, this filter significantly reduces the risk of allergies, taking care of the health and comfort of your staff.

If you use manicure methods, at the performance of which you do not experience irritating odors, you can forgo the installation of a carbon filter to increase the suction power of the collector.

Kinga manicure table - quality of materials used and durability of the product

Robustness and durability in the smallest details
Kinga manicure table was created with attention to durability and reliability. Its construction is based on selected materials, ensuring solidity and consistent quality.

Strong top of high quality
Every element of this table, especially the sturdy top, is made of the highest quality materials, ensuring not only an elegant appearance, but also durability in daily use.

Metal dust collector housing
The steel housing of the collector is a guarantee not only of durability, but also of safety in operation. It protects the mechanism from damage and ensures the stability of the collector's operation.

Inlet grille of brushed stainless steel
Aesthetic inlet grille, made of brushed stainless steel, not only gives a stylish appearance, but also ensures the efficiency of absorption of dust and odors.

European quality manufactured in Poland
Taking care of the highest quality of the product, we source all components in Europe. This allows us to have full control over the production process which ultimately ensures excellent quality and reliability of our products.

Efficient EC-class fan
Equipped with an efficient EC-class fan, the table not only ensures effective dust and odor removal, but also saves energy.

Kinga manicure table is synonymous with solidity, durability and professionalism - an ideal choice for salons that value quality and reliability in every detail.

What distinguishes our Kinga manicure table

  • Stainless Steel Grille - A precision-made inlet grille made of high-quality stainless steel ensures not only efficiency in dust absorption, but also adds elegance and durability.
  • Simple and Economical Filters - A filter system designed for convenience and economy. Easy-to-change dust and odor filters can operate for a long time without replacement, ensuring consistently clean air.
  • Classic and aesthetically pleasing design - The stylish and simple design of the Kinga manicure table makes it a perfect match for a variety of salon interior designs, emphasizing the professionalism and elegance of the place.
  • Tailored to your aesthetic - The configurable decor allows you to match the look of the table top to the aesthetics and style of your beauty salon, ensuring a consistent design.

Reliability and functionality - these are the features that distinguish the Kinga manicure table from others. Order today and experience how easy it is to improve your work quality!