What types of drawers are found in desks?

Drawers are offered in four front heights & two depths

All of our desks are equipped with premium drawers - They offer a full extension and silent closing.

Drawer Sizes:

  • S - (small) drawer with front height of 100mm. Perfect for salons that perform titanium manicures. The standard package of 28 grams (1oz) has a height of 43mm, so the drawer will accommodate powders of all major manufacturers in our market with a reserve. Clearance: 77mm
  • M - (medium) drawer with front height of 150mm . Drawer dedicated to hybrid varnishes, most of which packaging height is in the range of 80 - 120mm. Clearance: 127mm
  • L - (large) drawer with front height of 200mm. Drawer designed for accessories such as gloves, files, stencils, etc. Clearance: 177mm
  • V - (very large) drawer with front height of 300mm. Drawer designed for standing containers such as countertop cleaners, acetone, etc. Clearance: 277mm

Standard drawer Depths

  • For 600 mm containers (Monica desk): 542mm
  • For 450mm containers (Emilia and Maja desk): 370mm

What is the durability of the manicure furniture?

The components and technologies we use guarantee the durability of our nail tables and desks.

Our units are equipped with industrial grade EC fans, allowing you to work comfortably and safely.

Our air ducts are made of metal or are covered with chemical-resistant laminate, so you can be sure that your workspace will remain safe and clean. In addition, powder coating ensures the highest quality finish, resistant to rust, cracks and chemicals.

The components you work on directly - the top grille and dust filter grille - are made of durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel, guaranteeing years of use and full resistance to the chemicals in nail polish.

How does the nail dust capturing work?

We always install the most efficient fans on the market in our manicure absorbers. The power of our fans is from 60 to more than 80 watts, which means that we leave the competition from the Far East behind, where fans of less than 4 watts are used, which are unfortunately ineffective. However, it's not just the power of the fan that's important - the key is the air pumping and compression efficiency, i.e. how well the fan manages to suck air through the filters.

In our designs, we use only radial fans with backward-sloping blades. This results in high efficiency and low noise levels. In contrast to popular axial fans, radial fans are characterized by high efficiency with very low compression. When we put a filter on an axial fan, its efficiency drops significantly, and when the filter is full, it can even blow back, which is impossible with our radial fans.

Our fans have a capacity between 650 and 750 m3/h and a rotor diameter of up to 20 cm, making them the most efficient among similar devices installed in manicure salons on the market. More than enough airflow to suck up any dust and noxious odors emitted during nail styling from above the countertop Our fans are made to industry standards, which means that the ball bearings and strict quality control ensure years of trouble-free operation.

With our dial adjustable fan performance, you can adjust the fan's output to suit the activity you are performing. For example, you can increase the fan output when removing an old manicure and decrease it when applying polish or acrylic powder.

What is the work comfort of the dust collectors?

Our nail desks and tables have a specially designed work surface made of perforated stainless steel with the largest suction area available on the market. Thanks to the well-placed holes, we ensure proper airflow and very high efficiency in absorbing harmful substances not only from around the hands, but also from open containers, such as those with bases, pigments and manicure powders that can be placed on the tabletop.

The semi-matte style finish provides comfort while working, reducing glare from the workstation's lighting, which is important for precision nail styling that requires prolonged focus. Our nail desks and tables are also equipped with built-in electrical distributors, allowing you to plug in necessary devices such as a top lamp, UV lamp, milling machine, phone charger, etc. The sockets are connected to a switch key, allowing all devices to be turned on or off in one single motion. The filtered air exhaust system is located on the side, so as not to cause unpleasant gusts of air on the lap of the nail stylist or on the client. This aspect is particularly important because commonly available absorbers mounted in desk tops and nail tables often cause discomfort.

What filters are used in the dust collectors?

All of our manicure absorbers have a two-stage filtration system as standard, ensuring both the capture of dust generated during manicure removal, sanding and polishing, as well as solvent vapors generated during nail painting

The dust filter is made of dense non-woven fabric, which removes more than 99% of contaminants as standard, such as acrylic dust and impurities generated during manicure removal or polishing.

The second stage of filtration consists of activated carbon, which effectively absorbs vapors from solvents, varnishes and other harmful substances. This material was originally used in military gas masks and has a very high efficiency.

The estimated lifespan of dust and carbon filters is about three months at full-time operation, but in tests the filters were effective even after five months of intensive use. The dust filter can be shaken out several times before replacement, and changing the filters usually takes only 2-3 minutes and requires no tools.

The two-stage filtration system makes it possible to skip the carbon filter when the manicure products used do not emit harmful odors, as in the case of hybrid manicures. In this case, the suction system has less resistance and allows for even higher air pull.

We offer our manicure absorber filters for sale continuously.

Is noise damping implemented in the dust collectors?

The goal of the furniture's design was to achieve maximum fan performance while ensuring quiet operation. To achieve this, the fan was placed in a separate compartment away from the intake grille and air outlet, allowing it to effectively remove nail dust while not disturbing users.

The air with nail dust is drawn from the work table and sent to the fan through ducts that run through desk plates or metal table housings. These ducts are lined with a professional chemical-resistant lining, which dampens the noise of the fan due to its irregular structure with pyramid-shaped cutouts. There is also a noise-dampening lining inside the enclosure, which prevents noise from being generated when the air is exhausted.

Thanks to this innovative solution, our nail furniture provides quiet and efficient operation, allowing you to use it for a long time without problems. As a result of months of testing, our design was confirmed to be effective, which prompted us to apply for registration with the Polish Patent Office.