Nail Dust Collector For Self Installation Maxim

Nail Dust Collector For Self Installation Maxim



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Why is the Maxim nail dust collector a good choice?

Nail dust collector for self-installation - Maxim
The Maxim dust collector is the ideal solution for upgrading an existing workstation. Designed to be built into desks or manicure tables, it provides effective protection against dust and odors.

Perfectly adapted to your existing tabletop
Mounted from underneath, Maxim only requires cutting a suitable hole in the countertop surface. It's a simple solution that allows the absorber to be installed quickly and efficiently without major changes to your salon's design.

Multi-stage filtration for cleaner air
Equipped with two-stage filtration, Maxim effectively removes dust with its built-in dust filter and neutralizes unwanted odors with its carbon filter. It's a comprehensive approach to keeping the air clean.

Quick delivery - ready to use
Thanks to always being on stock, the product is available almost immediately after ordering, ready to install and improve working conditions without unnecessary waiting.

Technical specification of the Maxim nail dust collector

  • Mounting plate length: 477mm
  • Mounting plate width: 327mm
  • Collector length: 430mm
  • Collector width: 280mm
  • Collector height: 122mm
  • Cutout size: 280x190mm
  • Tabletop minimum thickness: 35mm
  • Tabletop minimum width: 550mm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Power: 83W

Maxim nail dust collector for self-installation - filters used

Dust filter

The optimal positioning of the filter - Make sure the filter is placed with the smooth side down to work effectively and efficiently.

Reusable - Our dust filter can be used multiple times. It is possible to shake off the top layer of dust to a safe place. However, we recommend replacing it after three changes to ensure continued protection.

Filter availability - Don't worry about running out of filters! You can easily order additional ones on our site here, ensuring your continued protection. Be sure to buy the Maxim filter size.

Carbon filter

Long-lasting protection - One carbon filter can last for up to 500 manicure treatments, providing reliable protection from harmful substances in varnishes and removers. If you need to replace the carbon filter, you can purchase one here.

Allergy risk reduction - Thanks to its effectiveness, this filter significantly reduces the risk of allergies, taking care of your health and comfort.

If you use manicure methods for which you do not experience irritating odors, you can forgo the installation of a carbon filter to increase the suction power of the dust collector.

Maxim nail dust collector - quality & durability of materials used

Robust dust collector housing
The metal housing of the Maxim nail dust collector provides strength and durability. The solid workmanship guarantees a long-lasting service life, allowing you to work longer, protected and safe at full efficiency without worrying about equipment failure.

High-quality fan
Equipped with an EC-class fan, Maxim offers not only effective dust collection, but also energy savings and long service life.

Easy and effective filtration
High-quality filters are a key part of the dust collector's performance. Changing the filters every 3 months is a guarantee of maintaining optimal air quality in the workplace.

Quiet operation for user comfort
Thanks to the use of appropriate soundproofing technologies, the Maxim operates extremely quietly, eliminating annoying noises. This is an important element that allows you to concentrate while working.

Advanced technological improvements
The dust collector has adjustable fan performance, which allows you to adjust the operation of the device to your current needs. In addition, the materials used in the design have been tested, ensuring not only quality, but also safety in use.

What sets the Maxim nail dust collector apart

  • Robust design for long-lasting use - Sturdy construction ensures years of use with regular servicing.
  • Effective two-stage filtration system - Eliminates dust and irritating odors generated during manicure, protecting health and ensuring safety during operation.
  • Powerful and quiet fan - Modern, efficient fan guarantees quiet operation even after many hours of use.
  • Easy installation and performance adjustment - Simple installation and smooth performance adjustment ensure convenient use.
  • Under-counter design - The neat design takes up little space, fitting perfectly into the environment and various salon arrangements.

With the Maxim nail dust collector, your work will become more enjoyable and efficient. Order now and experience the difference the right equipment can make!