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Small Manicure Desk With Dust Collector Maja



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Maja Nail Station Configuration:

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Why is the Maja manicure desk a good choice?

The ergonomic world of manicure!
A small size does not mean giving up efficiency and functionality. The Maja beauty desk is the answer to the needs of beauty salons with limited space, maintaining high efficiency, ideal working conditions and functionality.

Space that changes the game
Configure the drawers to perfectly fit the storage of tools and supplies. The compact solution will fit perfectly into a working model with one central place for colors, with one or more workstations.

Power that surprises
Despite its modest size, the Maja manicure desk has a powerful dust collector, a two-stage set of filters and four outlets for connecting devices necessary for work. All for comfort and efficiency.

Tailored to your needs
The desk is available in two drawer configurations for left- and right-handed users. Minimalist design and proportions make it fit perfectly into the decor of any salon.

Guaranteed quality
Created from the highest quality furniture materials and equipped with a powerful fan, Maja manicure desk is to ensure clean air and pleasant working conditions. Feel the ergonomics in your daily work!

Technical specifications of Maja manicure desk

Maja manicure desk:

  • Length 1050mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Stepless fan speed adjustment
  • Built-in 4-slot 230V distributor
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Power: 83W

Drawer types:

  • S (small) drawer with a front height of 10cm
  • M (medium) drawer with a front height of 15cm
  • L (large) drawer with front height of 20cm
  • V (very large) drawer with front height of 30cm

For more information about drawers please visit our FAQ page

Filters included in the Maja manicure desk

Dust filter

Long-lasting use - Our dust filter is a wallet-friendly solution that allows for multiple uses. When you feel it's full, simply shake the dust out into the trash and reuse the filter. After three removals we recommend purchasing a new filter to ensure its effectiveness.

Effective filter arrangement - To guarantee the filter's effectiveness, be sure to arrange it with the smooth side down. This will ensure that the filters effectively eliminate any contaminants, keeping your workplace clean.

Ordering new filters - Don't forget about spare filters! Additional cartridges can be easily ordered on our website. Click here to make your purchase and ensure continued protection from dust and impurities. Remember to buy a medium size filter.

Carbon filter

Protection from harmful substances - The carbon filter effectively protects salon staff from inhaling harmful substances present in varnishes, removers and other products used in manicures.

Allergy Risk Reduction - Thanks to its high efficiency, the carbon filter minimizes the risk of allergies for users, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

Long-lasting Performance - One carbon cartridge can last for about 500 manicure treatments, making it an extremely economical and practical solution for your beauty salon. If you will need to replace the carbon filter then you can purchase one here.

If you use manicure methods where you do not experience irritating odors, you can forgo the installation of the carbon filter to increase the suction power of the dust collector.

Maja manicure desk - quality & durability of materials

European quality
Every component of the Maja manicure desk exudes European quality. The components come from the high end, guaranteeing durability and sturdiness of construction.

Premium drawers
We use exceptional premium drawers. Their design and finish meet the highest quality standards, guaranteeing reliability and comfort.

High-quality tabletop
Our tabletop is the quintessence of the highest quality. Resilient, durable and made of materials of superior strength, it provides an ideal surface for work.

World-class fan
The powerful EC-class fan that the Maja manicure desk is equipped with is the result of the latest technology. Its strength and efficiency make work even more comfortable and safe.

Metal collector housing
The solid metal housing of the absorber ensures not only durability, but also an effective care of clean and healthy conditions around the workplace. This is a guarantee of durability.

What distinguishes the Maja manicure desk

  • Compact design and high performance - Maja manicure desk is an excellent choice for beauty salons with limited space. Outstanding performance and functionality come from the use of an advanced dust collector and the highest quality furniture materials.
  • Drawers for essential accessories - Find your ideal storage solution for key manicure tools and utensils using the configurator at the top of the page.
  • Power in a compact size - Despite its compact size, the Maja manicure desk is equipped with a two-stage filter set, a powerful fan, and four outlets to ensure you can plug in accessories such as lamps.
  • Configuration for everyone - Two drawer configurations are available, tailored for both left-handed and right-handed users, to ensure convenience for everyone.
  • Universal design for all interiors - The simple design and proportions make the Maja manicure desk blend in perfectly with any beauty salon interior design.

Get the quality you deserve! Order the Maja cosmetic desk and see the benefits of having high-end equipment.