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Double Manicure Desk With Dust Collector Duomax



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Why is the Duomax double manicure desk a good choice?

Comfort for a duo
Duomax double manicure desk is a model designed for comfortable work for two people. It provides comfort, ergonomic layout and functionality, allowing you to work efficiently as a duo.

Premium drawers for full practicality
Convenient and capacious premium drawers are a distinguishing feature of the Duomax double desk. Their clever design allows self-closing, and the flexibility of configuration allows you to customize the space. It's the perfect place to store accessories and varnishes, with the example option of using the middle container for varnishes.

High-performance dust collector
The powerful Maxim dust collector with carbon filter ensures clean and safe air around the workstation. With an air intake grille and powerful fan power, it eliminates unwanted odors while protecting you from their negative effects.

Configuration to suit your tastes
The Duomax manicure desk is available with a configurator that allows you to customize the decor of the board to suit your individual tastes and the look of your salon interior. This is an opportunity to create an aesthetically cohesive space that adds character to your beauty salon.

Technical specifications of Duomax double manicure desk

Duomax manicure desk:

  • Length 2500mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 760mm
  • Stepless regulation of efficiency
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Power (single dust collector): 84W

Drawer types:

  • S (small) drawer with a front height of 10cm
  • M (medium) drawer with a front height of 15cm
  • L (large) drawer with front height of 20cm
  • V (very large) drawer with front height of 30cm

For more information about drawers please visit our FAQ page

Duomax double manicure desk - filters for your comfort

Dust filter

Reusable filter - The dust filter provides exceptional performance. Once it is full, you can easily remove the accumulated dust and reuse it. However, we recommend replacing it after three cycles to maintain its effectiveness.

Proper positioning - Remember to place the filter correctly, with the smooth side down. By doing so, you will ensure maximum efficiency of the filter, keeping your salon clean.

Replace worn filters - Ensure the continued protection of your workplace by ordering additional filters on our website. Click here to make your purchase and enjoy peace of mind at work. Be sure to purchase the Maxim filter size.

Carbon filter

Protection from inhaling harmful fumes - The carbon filter acts as a shield against harmful substances present in nail polishes, removers and other products used in manicures.

Allergy risk reduction - Thanks to its effectiveness, the carbon filter minimizes the risk of allergies for nail stylists, providing them with a safe and comfortable working environment.

Long-term performance - One carbon filter can last for about 500 manicure treatments, making it an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution for your salon. If you need to replace the carbon filter, you can order it here.

If you use manicure methods for which you don't experience irritating odors, you can forgo the installation of a carbon filter to increase the collector's suction power.

Duomax double manicure desk - quality of materials used and durability of the product

Robustness and European quality
Duomax manicure desk combines reliability with European quality. It was manufactured in Poland with components of the highest quality from Europe, which guarantees durability and reliability.

Premium drawers with silent closing
Drawers in Duomax are not only a sign of the highest quality, but also of great comfort. Quiet closing affects a quiet working atmosphere, and ergonomic design ensures trouble-free use.

Multifunctional and durable tabletop
A large tabletop made of high-quality materials provides a comfortable work surface. Not only do nail technicians work together here, but also durability and aesthetics, guaranteeing an ergonomic and comfortable space for manicure treatments.

Powerful fan and metal housing
The manicure desk is equipped with a powerful fan to ensure clean and healthy air around the workstation. Its metal housing makes it not only capable but also durable.

Elegance and functional details
The countertop grille of the absorber is made of brushed stainless steel. It is not only an aesthetic element, but also functional, adding elegance and high durability.

What distinguishes the Duomax double manicure desk

  • Stainless steel inlet grille - for efficient ventilation and aesthetic appearance.
  • Simple and economical filters to replace - filters eliminate dust and odor, ensuring clean air. Replacement is recommended every 3 months, allowing for long-term use.
  • Large desk and countertop for two people - perfect for two manicurists to work simultaneously. Provides comfort and convenience when performing manicure treatments.
  • Simple, functional design - fits perfectly into various arrangements of beauty salons, combining aesthetics with functionality.
  • Convenient premium drawers - allow for quiet and easy access to accessories and lacquers stored in the drawers.

Discover the secret to a successful manicure business with the Duomax double nail desk. Order today and experience the benefits of high quality and functionality.