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Why is the Aga nail desk a great choice?

Simple and functional design
The nail desk charms with its proportions - small, but with an extremely powerful and modern drawerless dust collector, guaranteeing clean air while working. The shelf located above the drawers will be a convenient place for the UV lamp and frequently used tools, which are convenient to have at hand, making work more efficient and pleasant. Aga nail desk is an ergonomic solution that not only provides comfort, but also takes care of your health during long hours of work.

Customization to fit your beauty salon
The extraordinary configuration options of the nail desk allow you to customize it to your needs, tastes, style and the look of your salon interior. This is the perfect solution for those who care about the details of the design and want each piece to match the whole. The classic look and the endless color options allow for a perfect match to any manicure salon.

Ergonomics and enjoyment of work
The Aga nail desk is first and foremost a reliable working tool, but also an essential element that inspires you to create a pleasant, functional work environment. Thanks to an ergonomic design created with the user's comfort in mind, work becomes more enjoyable. This unique piece of furniture is more than just a desk - it supports your work and professionalism in every working day.

Technical specifications of Aga nail desk

Aga nail desk:

  • Length 1050mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 760mm
  • Infinitely adjustable capacity
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Power: 83W

Drawer types:

  • S (small) drawer with a front height of 10cm
  • M (medium) drawer with a front height of 15cm
  • L (large) drawer with front height of 20cm
  • V (very large) drawer with front height of 30cm

For more information about drawers please visit our FAQ page

Aga nail desk - filters used in the dust collector

The Aga nail Desk is equipped with an Ultimo dust collector, which has a dust filter designed for your comfort and health.

Reusable filter
Our filter is reusable. Once full, simply remove the excess dust into a trash can and reuse the filter. We recommend replacing the filter after three changes.

Proper positioning of the filter
To ensure full effectiveness, make sure the filter is laid with the smooth side down. This will ensure that the filter will operate at maximum efficiency, capturing all of the dust.

Spare filters
You can order filters quickly and easily on our website. Click here to make a supply and always be ready for your next change. Be sure to buy a medium size filter.

Aga nail desk - quality of materials used and durability

European quality in a compact form
Aga nail desk is the embodiment of European quality and components that come from reputable sources, guaranteeing the solidity and durability of the entire desk.

Premium drawers
Aga nail desk is equipped with premium-class drawers. The design of the drawers allows for smooth and gentle movement of the drawer, as well as quiet closing, which prevents the products inside from falling over and making a noise.

Tabletop of the highest quality
The Aga nail desk top is the very essence of high quality. Sturdy and durable made of materials with extraordinary resistance to chemicals, it provides an excellent surface for work.

Powerful fan and adjustable power
The powerful EC-class fan used in the Aga nail desk uses the latest technology. Its infinitely adjustable output provides unparalleled comfort by allowing you to set the exact amount of speed required and reduce unnecessary noise.

Metal collector cover
The solid metal collector cover guarantees durability, professionalism and safety.

What makes the Aga cosmetic desk stand out

  • Built-in accessory shelf: The desk is equipped with a practical shelf, ideal for storing various accessories such as a UV lamp or other tools needed for manicures.
  • Spacious stainless steel inlet grille: The spacious stainless steel inlet grille ensures that dust and fumes are effectively sucked up while keeping the desk looking aesthetically pleasing.
  • Simple and economical filters: The filters are easy to replace and won't weigh down your wallet. Their ease of use and low cost of operation make it convenient and inexpensive to keep your desk in good shape.
  • Filter durability: A single dust filter can last from two weeks to as long as a month resulting in significant savings in operation.
  • Ideal for Small Spaces: The small size of the beauty desk makes it ideal for setting up in smaller beauty salons, allowing efficient use of limited space.

See why Aga nail desk is the best choice for your salon. Order today and experience excellent quality and convenience at work!