Nail dust filter for nail dust collector Maxim


Dust Filter For Nail Dust Collectors Manufactured By Manicure Systems



Dust filter for Maxim.

Warranty: 2 years
Expected order processing time: 3 Days
Delivery time (up to):

  • Poland: 2 Days
  • EU: 1 Week
  • Non-EU: 2 Weeks

Product Description

Both you and your clients deserve a safe and clean environment when visiting your beauty salon.

This filter is made of certified non-woven filter fabric used to effectively catch dust generated during nail styling, hand polishing of nails and use of manicure milling machines.

The certified non-woven filter cloth we use is manufactured in Poland and catches more than 99% of the dust generated during nail styling. It is characterized by high efficiency of filtration of nail powders.

With this filter, your beauty salon will be a safe and healthy place for you and your clients. Take care of their health and your work comfort.


The filter cartridge is specially designed for absorbers manufactured by Manicure Systems.

A single filter cartridge can be used several times, saving time and money. All you need to do is dump the top layer of dust into a garbage bag. However, after three emptyings, we recommend replacing the cartridge, as particles trapped in the pores of the fabric can reduce air draft. This can affect filtration efficiency.

When using this cartridge, be sure to lay it with the smooth side down. In this way, the filter cartridge will work with full efficiency, eliminating all dust and contaminants.

Technical Data