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  • Nail dust collector Maxim

Build-in nail dust collector Maxim.

Exceptionally efficient and strong nail dust collector.
Two stage filtration system completely removing dust and hazardous fumes

Efficient and sturdy build-in nail dust collector Maxim

Technical Data

  • Mounting plate length: 477mm
  • Mounting plate width: 327mm
  • Collector length: 430mm
  • Collector width: 280mm
  • Collector height: 122mm
  • Cutout size: 280x190mm
  • Bench minimum thickness: 35mm
  • Bench minimum width: 550mm




Please see our customers testimonials:

Evelin : The absorber meets all my expectations ... If you are thinking about buying a absorber, MAXIM will be perfect ...

Anna : It absorbs dust and smells of manicure chemicals well and most importantly it is not too loud ... I recommend to all nail stylists who be fed up with dust in salon ...

Joanna I have been running an authorized Dermika salon for almost 20 years ... We wanted a device that would have better filters ... We spent a lot of time on `` research '' ... We found all this in the description of the Manicure system absorber ... we are very pleased with the effect and we can honestly recommend this product ...

What distinguishes our manicure absorber

The two-stage filtration system is a unique feature of this absorber. The first filtration stage is provided by a certified filter fleece in accordance with the ISO 16890 standard. A precisely selected filter guarantees practically full capture of the dust produced during manicure. Placing the fan behind the filter protects it from sticking the manicure to the blades and the loss of thrust and balance. This arrangement also prevents dust being blown upwards by the fan, which often happens in bag absorbers. Using a non-woven fabric without a casing also results in a significantly lower operating price than in cassette filters.

The second filter is an activated carbon filter. It is the same substance used to protect soldiers and firefighters. This substance perfectly absorbs odors from nail dip and acrylic manicure. The filter used in the Maxim absorber is our own design and made in our company. It has a very thick layer of activated carbon that guarantees effective elimination of irritating substances and low flow resistance. The amount of active substance is even several times greater than in filters with carbon non-woven fabric.

The housing is made of powder-coated steel sheet. This design is virtually unbreakable and properly serviced can last for decades.

The fan for manicure sinks is powerful. It is a modern design with permanent magnets electronically controlled. It is made to our order by a German company that is a leader on the ventilation and air conditioning market. As the only ones so far in manicure absorbers we use radial fans that have much better compression and much quieter operation without the howling effect often heard in amateur constructions using cheap axial fans. High compression is required to overcome the filter resistance, especially after several dozen manicures. On the downside of these fans is a higher price and substantial dimensions. However, we managed to make a relatively small housing housing a fan with excellent parameters that are expected from a professional device.

Installation of the device is very simple and requires only the use of basic power tools. The attached template with the dimensions of the holes for cutting makes work much easier. The whole assembly of the dust collector should take no more than half an hour.

Smooth speed regulation allows you to precisely adjust the pulling power and minimize the noise caused by the flowing air. For the vast majority of work, half the power at which the noise generated by the hood is no more than in a quiet office is enough.

The worktop to be mounted on should be at least 35 mm thick and 550mm wide.

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  • Nail dust collector Maxim