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  • Nail table Bianca with innovative bag-less and drawer-less dust collector

Manicure table with built-in absorber and Bianca filters

If you have a problem with dust, pungent odor of acetone, thinners and glues for acrylic and titanium, then our cosmetic table will solve your problems. No more masks, glasses and windmills will be needed. The room where you work will also require significantly less work to keep them clean due to the reduction of dusting to almost zero.

A table with a built-in absorber effectively catches harmful vapors of acetone and other solvents from the base and top used in titanium and acrylic nails. This allows you to eliminate the cause of irritation of the throat, larynx and nose, and protects against the absorption and accumulation of harmful substances. This is especially important for women who are planning a pregnancy in the future.


Product description

Product description

Product description

Product description




Jolanta : Making nail dip manicure is now pure pleasure for me. I don't have to reach for any masks or glasses anymore trying to protect myself from dust and odors

Renata : The filter system is a hit, and contact with the bosses is a pleasure!

Technical Data

  • Length 1300mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Infinitely variable performance control
  • Fan performance 770m3/h
  • Built-in four-socket 230V distributor

What distinguishes our nail table

A unique feature of this nail table is the use of replaceable filters with granulated active carbon. This substance is the most effective medium in capturing harmful substances from the air. The filter completely eliminates odors while doing manicure and its life is enough for about 3 months of intensive use.

The table has an optimal surface and the highest suction power from devices available on the market. This is achieved thanks to an optimally designed air extraction system and a suitably adapted surface grille. The optimal size of the inlet grille over which we perform the nail styling and fan performance has been experimentally selected and tested for many months.

Appropriate adjustment of the air intake size to the fan capacity gives better efficiency in catching dust and harmful odors in comparison to other devices on the market.

Comfort of work

The location of the outlet on the side of the table eliminates the unpleasant air flow to the manicurist's knees, which is present in many standard table solutions. It fully protects clients and manicurists from dusting on their knees and eliminates knee cooling and potential problems with rheumatism in later age. The device does not have bags used in cheap countertop absorbers, which eliminates the risk of dust being thrown back through the grille if you accidentally fold the bag.

The table has an infinitely variable fan capacity. Half efficiency is recommended for applying nail powders or varnishes, and full power when using a milling machine to remove old nail stylizations

The absorber under the countertop has a manifold for four 230V sockets installed with a centrally activated key on the control panel. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to turn on or off separately devices such as lamps and milling machine each time we start or finish work

The absorber in its interior contains long channels and large amounts of sound absorbing material, which reduces the noise generated by the fan. We are so far the only company that uses damping materials in absorbers.

Quality of materials used and durability of the product

The table top is made of high quality premium furniture boards from the Swiss Krono and Egger catalog

The fan is supplied directly from the manufacturer, a leader on the German ventilation market. The models used here belong to the most advanced EC line.

The casing of the absorber is made entirely of powder-coated steel sheet, which in the conditions of the beauty salon guarantees many years of work.

The grille and frame are made of laser cut stainless steel, which guarantees repeatability of dimensions, long-term durability, easy cleaning and precision of workmanship.

The Bianca table was tested in its own beauty salon for two years before it was released for sale.

Operation and service

On our website you can get table consumables such as replacement filters and worktops

On the table, we provide a standard two-year manufacturer's warranty for the fan and control system and we provide post-warranty service

The design and operation of the desk has optained a patent no. 71050 from Polish Patent Office starting at October 03, 2017

We are convinced that you will be satisfied with using this nail table.

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