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Nail Tables

Nail Table: Bianca



Warranty: 2 years
Expected order processing time: 3 Weeks
Delivery time (up to):

  • Poland: 2 Days
  • EU: 1 Week
  • Non-EU: 2 Weeks

Bianca Nail Table Configuration:

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What Distinguishes The Bianca Nail Table?

Bianca Nail Table Technical Data

Comfort Of Work While Using The Bianca Table

By using this nail table, you will avoid unpleasant air blowing on your knees, which causes dusting, cooling of the knees and potential rheumatism problems in the future.

In addition, the risk of dust being thrown back through the grille is eliminated, as the unit does not have the bags used in cheap absorbers.

The table also offers a stepless adjustment of the fan output, with a recommended setting of half power for applying powders or varnishes, and full power when using a milling machine to remove old nail stylizations.

The desk is equipped with a splitter for four 230V sockets centrally switched by a key on the control panel, which makes it easy to switch equipment on and off.

In addition, there is a large amount of damping material in the table to reduce the noise generated by the fan, which ensures comfort while working.

In the market, our company stands out for its use of damping materials in absorbers.

Nail Table Quality Of Materials Used And Durability Of The Product - Bianca

The tabletop is made of high-quality premium furniture boards from the Swiss Krono and Egger catalogs.

The fan is supplied directly from a leader in the German ventilation market. The models used here belong to the most advanced EC line.

The housing of the absorber is made entirely of powder-coated steel, which guarantees many years of operation in the typical conditions of a beauty salon.

The grille and frame are made of laser-cut stainless steel, which guarantees repeatability of dimensions, many years of durability, easy cleaning and top quality.

The Bianca table was tested in our own beauty salon for a period of two years before it was approved for sale.

Operation And Service Of The Bianca Table

On our site you can get the consumable items for the table such as replacement filters and tabletop grilles.

The desk has a standard two-year manufacturer's warranty, and the fan and control system are covered by post-warranty service.

Bianca Nail Table Testimonials

Jolanta: Making nail dip manicure is now pure pleasure for me. I don't have to reach for any masks or glasses anymore trying to protect myself from dust and odors (translated)
Renata: The filter system is a hit, and contact with the bosses is a pleasure! (translated)

We are convinced that you will be satisfied with using this nail table

The design and operation of the desk has obtained a patent no. 71050 from Polish Patent Office starting at October 03, 2017