Varnish Pad

Varnish Protection Pad For Manicure



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2 weeks Product available on order 2 days - 2 weeks within EU 2 years


Product Description

Enjoy a beautiful desk without worrying about damage with our reliable and indestructible pad.

The pad is made of the highest quality stainless steel, which means exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This way you can be sure that varnishes, cutters and other tools you need for work will not damage your tabletop, and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful, intact desk surface for a long time.

This product is ideal for all nail stylists who appreciate order, practicality and care for their workstation. Thanks to the pad for nail polish and basic work tools, i.e. cutters, scissors or clippers, you can be sure that your workspace will always look impeccable, without the risk of damage or imperfections. Choose the pad today and enjoy the protection of your Workplace!

Technical Specifications

  • Width 130mm
  • Height 220mm
  • Thickness 2mm

Keep everything organized, protect your countertop and conveniently store your favorite colors.