Odour carbon filter for manicure


Activated Carbon Filter For Odor Absorption



Warranty: 2 years
Expected order processing time: 3 Days
Delivery time (up to):

  • Poland: 2 Days
  • EU: 1 Week
  • Non-EU: 2 Weeks

Product Description

The odor filter is designed for nail tables and desks manufactured by Manicure Systems.

High-performance filter for odors and harmful substances generated during the making of manicure. This filter is designed to protect personnel performing manicure from inhaling harmful substances that are contained in varnishes, removers and aids used in manicure.

Using this filter, it will not be necessary to use masks and fans that spread dust and harmful odors throughout the salon. It is very effective in reducing the risk of acquiring allergies.


The carbon filter we offer is an essential addition to our absorbers.

It provides effective protection against unpleasant odors emitted from the substances used in manicures. It makes performing manicures all the more pleasant. The carbon filter we offer is able to handle more than 500 manicures before it needs to be replaced. This allows you to enjoy its properties for a long time.

Technical Data