Fighting Dust Allergies: Manicure Systems Nail Dust Collectors For Your Comfort.

Outlining the benefits for allergy sufferers of having a dust collector.

Posted on September 29, 2023


Hi, today we want to touch on an important topic that affects many people - dust allergies. Especially in the manicure industry, contact with dust can be a challenge, especially for those who suffer from allergies. In this article, we'll show you how to deal with dust allergies by presenting innovative solutions from Manicure Systems that will allow you to work in comfort.

In the manicure industry, contact with dust is inevitable. Airborne dust particles can cause unpleasant allergic symptoms, such as eye irritation and sneezing. For people with dust allergies, a visit to the salon can be a challenge. So how do you avoid potential allergic reactions while working?

The solution, of course, will be highly efficient dust collectors. These are innovative devices that effectively reduce the presence of dust in the air. Thanks to them, both those performing the manicure procedure and also the clients can breathe clean air, minimizing the risk of allergies.

How Manicure Systems dust collectors work

Manicure Systems devices are designed to protect health and provide comfort. They work by sucking up dust in special filters that effectively absorb the particles while keeping them from dispersing into the air. A lot of effort and attention has been devoted to making the devices quiet and safe. The unique system of filter replacement from the top ensures full sealing, thus avoiding the need to clean the inside of the device.

Thanks to Manicure Systems' dust collectors, people suffering from dust allergies can enjoy safe and comfortable work.

The vapor filters in form of the mesh box eliminate unwanted sensitization, creating an allergen-free space. This is made possible by a unique in-house made carbon pebble bed filter. The separation of the dust filter and the carbon filter makes it possible to improve the efficiency of air purification and significantly reduce operating costs.


A dust allergy doesn't have to be an obstacle to enjoying a beautiful manicure and peaceful work. With Manicure Systems' innovative dust absorbers, you can keep yourself and your clients comfortable and safe during manicure treatments. Let beauty and health go hand in hand with these advanced solutions.

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