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Compact nail station Maja with built-in strong dust extractor and filters

A nail station with compact dimensions and at the same time high efficiency and comfort of work.
Depending on your needs, it is possible to configure the drawers and to choose the settings for right-handed and left-handed people.
This is especially good for nail salons where there is little space or many places, and varnishes or powders are kept in one common place.
Handy drawers for manicure tools help keep the workplace tidy and work more efficiently.
Please choose the option best suited to your needs by using the photo keys.

Product description

Product description

Product description

Product description




More information on the capacity and type of drawers can be found here.

The Maja nail statio is available in a constantly expanding range of decors.

Technical data

  • Length 1050mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Infinitely variable performance control
  • Built-in 4-socket 230V distributor
  • The maximum capacity of the fan is 770m3/h
  • Volume 35 - 68dB

What distinguishes our nail station

We designed the Maja nail station for salons where there is little space to save.
However, this does not mean compromises in terms of performance and functionality. We use the same powerful absorber as in the Bianca and Emilia models and the highest quality furniture materials.
Three small or one large drawer are useful for the most needed tools and utensils. This station will perfectly fit into the operating model where there is one central place for colors and one or many work places for nail technicians.
Despite the small dimensions of the entire desk, we still have a two-stage filter set, a powerful fan and four sockets for accessories such as lamps, milling machines, chargers, etc.
Maja is available in two drawer configurations and for left and right handed users.
Simple design and proportions make the desk a perfect match for almost any nail salon interior.
We offer the shortest delivery time for white desks, and on request we can make from almost the entire range of Swiss-Krono and Egger furniture boards.
Please call and we will try to answer every question about our products.

We are sure that people who decide to buy our made nail station will be completely satisfied with better work comfort.

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  • Nail station Maja with built-in absorber and filters