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Nail Desk: Emilia



Warranty: 2 years
Expected order processing time: 3 Weeks
Delivery time (up to):

  • Poland: 2 Days
  • EU: 1 Week
  • Non-EU: 2 Weeks

Emilia Nail Desk Configuration:

Opis produktu

Opis produktu

Opis produktu

Opis produktu

Why is the Emilia nail desk a great choice?

Emilia cosmetic desk will be perfect for almost any nail salon.

Possibility to choose the number of drawers on both the left and right sides

Wide range of colors

High power fan

We have removed all the defects that are found in popular absorbers on the market:

Emilia Nail Desk Technical Data

Drawer Information Of Our Nail Desks

More information on the capacity and type of drawers can be found here.

Emilia cosmetic desk is available in an ever-expanding range of decors.

We are sure that people who decide to purchase this desk will be 100% satisfied with the quality and comfort of their work.