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Nail desk with efficient dust and fumes collector Emilia

Emilia nail desk with absorber is a perfect combination of comfort, functionality and a classic style that matches any interior.
All drawers and tools can be configured to suit your needs, and the option to choose the side on which the sockets and air outlet are located will perfectly suit the needs of both right and left-handed nail technician.
Currently the most powerful on the market and at the same time silent absorber mounted under the countertop, it will draw in any amount and type of dust, and when we put on a carbon filter, even people prone to allergies will be able to work comfortably.
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Product description

Product description

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More information on the capacity and type of drawers can be found here.

The Emilia manicure desk is available in a constantly expanding range of decors.

Technical Data

  • Length 1500mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Infinitely variable performance control
  • Built-in 4-socket 230V distributor
  • The maximum capacity of the fan is 770m3/h
  • Volume 35 - 68dB

What distinguishes our nail desk

The Emilia nail desk is perfect for almost any nail salon. You will be able to choose the number of drawers on both the left and the right to have on hand both the necessary tools as well as colors and decorations for nail styling.
The multitude of drawer sizes and ways of configuration should, in our opinion, enable every stylist to choose a desk that best meets her expectations.
We have enabled comfortable work for both right and left handed people. You will no longer have to wonder what to do with the milling or lamp cable so that it does not fall on your knees.
White is offered as the basic color, but we do not limit ourselves to it and at the moment we can make a desk in one of several hundred colors that our renowned panel suppliers offer.
In this desk, as well as in Maja's desk and Bianca table, a powerful fan was implemented, developed by our supplier specifically to satisfy difficult working conditions in dust absorbers while not stunning users.
The whole absorber has been constructed from scratch by us and for 3 years of tests and improvements, we are sure that the product we offer is unmatched in terms of efficiency and comfort.
Having a functioning nail salon and many years of experience in industrial designing, we managed to create an almost perfect product in our opinion.
We have removed all defects found in absorbers popular on the market:
  • We don't use dust bags to collect dust, so nothing from the bag will accidentally be on the lap of a client or manicurist
  • The air outlet is far from the side of the table so it does not blow to the knees which is not pleasant, and even some more sensitive people may develop problems with the joints when the air from the absorber will cool the knees for many hours
  • Very easy filter replacement from the top, without having to bend under the counter. We do not use a filter drawer which is cumbersome to seal, there is a risk of wiping the seals and dust getting into the fan chamber which may result in a decrease in efficiency
  • Very accurate and cheap dust and odor filters.
  • Depending on the type of nail technique, we may or may not use a carbon filter. In hybrids, gels and acrylic gels, all you need is a dust filter which can be shaken several times and put on again and costs less than ten zlotys.
  • In titans and acrylics a carbon filter is required to stop the vapors from the reagents and the cartridge we use catches virtually all the vapors.
  • High fan compression allows you to work even on a filter covered with a layer of filings from nails. With a 5mm layer of filed nails, the loss of thrust was only 15%, which proves the unrivaled efficiency of the absorber. Of course, we recommend cleaning the dust filter more often.
  • Very good access to the filter chamber enables trouble-free cleaning, e.g. with a vacuum cleaner, if we accidentally got dirty a bit when changing the filter.
  • The housing is metal, powder-coated and does not age from both UV and chemicals contained in the nail styling fluids and powders.
  • The regulation of the absorber efficiency is stepless with an easily accessible knob. In our experience, half-power positioning is most commonly used for milling on skins, applying hybrid or titanium powder, and manually polishing the nail plate. For removing the gel layer using a milling machine, we use the 3/4 range to full power.
  • In our absorber we use a lot of the highest quality material that suppresses the sound of the fan, which allows us to talk freely with the client and listen to music in the most-used performance ranges if we feel like it.
When developing the design of our nail desk, we aimed to create a perfect product in terms of functionality and durability. We only purchase European manufacturers and suppliers, and choose components from the top shelf to be sure of the quality and reliability of the components and the entire device. If you don't feel convinced yet, please call us and we will try to answer all your questions.

We invite you to visit the tab Reviews on our website

We are sure that people who decide to buy a desk will be completely satisfied with better work comfort.

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