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Monica Nail Desk



Warranty: 2 years
Expected order processing time: 3 Weeks
Delivery time (up to):

  • Poland: 2 Days
  • EU: 1 Week
  • Non-EU: 2 Weeks

Monica Nail Desk Configuration:

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Why is the Monica Nail desk a good choice?

Monica desk was designed from the very beginning with comfort in mind

Quiet operation

Quick and easy replacement of filters

The air outlet of the fan is located at the base of the desk

Splitter for three sockets

Drawer types:

Monica Nail Desk Technical Data

Nail Desk quality of materials used and durability of the product - Monica

Did you know that more than 90% of the materials needed to create our products were made in Europe?

All to provide you with a desk of the highest quality and incredible durability!

Make yourself comfortable with PREMIUM quality.

With quietly closing premium drawers you will ensure many years of trouble-free operation.

The fans used are of the highest EC class and are characterized by smooth electronic speed control, low power consumption, moderate generated noise and very high durability.

The grille and frame are made of laser-cut stainless steel, which guarantees reproducibility of dimensions, solidity of manufacturing, ease of cleaning and precision.

The desk is delivered fully assembled on a transport pallet. Just bring in and plug in to enjoy a completely new quality of work.

What sets the Monica Nail desk apart

To guarantee effective protection against irritation and allergy in this model of Nail desk, we use a fan with a very high capacity of 750m3/h.

Our standard is to provide two-stage dust filtration.

What exactly does this mean?

High-quality non-woven filter fabric that meets the strict requirements of EN779 and the latest ISO16890 standards is responsible for the first stage of filtration.

It is used to absorb dust from polished nails and powders. The large surface of the filter allows full use of the power of the fan and protects against accidental backflow of dust into the room, which sometimes happens in countertop absorbers.

One cartridge of the dust filter lasts about a month, counting five clients a day.

The second level of filtration is an activated carbon filter cartridge, which completely eliminates irritating chemical fumes and smells when making manicures.

The filter life is confirmed by tests to be as much as 3 months of intensive use!

The active area of the grille is 32 x 32 cm and was selected after many experiments and two years of tests in the beauty salon (too small grille will not draw in all the dust from nail grinding, and too large will not effectively suck it up).

You can smoothly adjust the fan's output using the knob on the front panel.

In the middle setting, which is most often used, the sound level is 45 dB and at full power it is 60 dB.

The desk comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty as standard and post-warranty service ❤️

Hassle-free transport and commissioning of our nail desks

The desk is sent assembled on a transport pallet. After delivery, unpacking and connecting to the power socket, the desk is ready for work. Transport pallets are for single use and are not refundable.

Manicure Desks, Manicure Tables & Systems Customer Testimonials

Ewa: I have been a nail stylist for almost 5 years and I am asking why I had to wait so long for the perfect combination of a nail desk and a dust absorber. Convenience in every respect, and me and my clients are sitting straight. And most importantly, this silence, this silence that allows for a normal conversation with the client and / or watching, listening to your favorite songs (translated). See more...

We are sure that people who decide to buy a desk will be completely satisfied with better work comfort and health