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Manicure desk Monica with build-in nail dust and fumes collector

Monica manicure desk thanks to the unique construction with four chambers constituting the absorber allows for unparalleled quiet operation and unmatched comfort. This is a unique solution that suppresses the sound from the fan in an extremely effective way without blocking the flow.
We had to use a switch with backlight because it happened that the desk was turned on at night because it is almost inaudible.
In the most-used position at half power, the sound level at ear level is only 45 dB which can be compared to an office desktop computer.
A two-stage filter set perfectly catches both dust and fumes generated during manicure

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Ewa : I have been a nail stylist for almost 5 years and I am asking why I had to wait so long for the perfect combination of a manicure desk and a dust absorber. Convenience in every respect, and me and my clients are sitting straight. And most importantly, this silence, this silence that allows for a normal conversation with the client and / or watching, listening to your favorite songs (translated)

Technical data

  • Length 1500mm
  • Width 700mm
  • Height 764mm
  • Stepless fan speed control
  • Maximum fan used efficiency (on free air) 770m3/h
  • Build in 3 socket power board 230V/10amp total
  • sound level 35dB - 60dB

What makes our manicure desk stand out

To guarantee effective protection against irritation and allergies in this manicure desk we use a very efficient fan with a capacity of 770m3 / h made in the industry standard and unique in this type of equipment two-stage filtration of dust and fumes from acetone, nail dip system and acrylic gels.

The first stage of filtration is used to absorb fine dust and this is ensured by high-quality filter fabric that meets the stringent requirements of EN779 and the latest ISO16890. This nonwoven fabric effectively captures dust from both fingertips polishing and building powders used in acrylic and nail dip systems of manicures. The large filter surface and very easy replacement allow you to take full advantage of the fan's power and protect against accidental backflow of dust into the room, which sometimes happens in popular counter top absorbers.

The second stage of filtration is an active carbon cartridge that completely eliminates the irritating fumes of chemicals during the manicure. The service life confirmed by tests is about 3 months of intensive use.

The active surface of the grille is 32 x 32 cm and was selected after many experiments and two-year tests in the beauty salon (too small grille will not draw in all the dust from grinding, and too large causes that the fan string breaks down into too large a surface and is insufficient for effective dust extraction).

Fan performance can be smoothly adjusted using the knob on the front panel. In the middle position, which is the most commonly used, the noise generated is comparable to a working fridge.

When removing the old manicure with a milling machine, we recommend using close to maximum revolutions, while for applying powders or varnish, we recommend setting around half power.

Why the Monica manicure desk is very comfortable and ergonomic

Most effort during the development of the manicure desk was devoted to the development of such an absorber system that the device was as quiet as possible. To achieve this, we have used properly profiled and damped air intake ducts for the fan that ensure quiet and comfortable work.

Air sucked through the grille after filtering is blown out in the base of the desk, which is more convenient than the air outlet on the legs of a manicurist or client.

There are no replaceable bags suspended under the counter, so there are no problems with dust settling on the lap of the client and manicurist, and accidental ejection of dust from the bag back by the fan.

Replacing a set of filters is very easy and takes about two minutes and does not require the use of tools or bending under the counter. This solution is more reliable and cheaper for the user and has been reported to the Polish Patent Office.

In addition to a very effective absorber, this desk is also dedicated to persons who value order and who like to have all the necessary tools at their fingertips.

We were the first on the market to provide a configurator on the website where you can choose the number of drawers, the standard in which they are to be made and whether the desk should be for a right or left handed person.

In this model we have the option of placing up to six functional drawers 40 cm wide and 60 cm deep, as well as one high drawer for bottles and tall containers.

In a single drawer in this large manicure desk you can fit from approximately 50 colors of nail dip powders to almost 100 hybrid varnishes.

Low drawers with a front height of 10 cm are designed for jars with titans, medium drawers with a front 15 cm are perfect for hybrids that have packaging in the form of bottles.

High drawers with a front height of 20 cm are intended for materials such as acetone bottle, oils, cleaning products and accessories such as files, gloves, cutters, templates, etc.

The desk is therefore able to contain several hundred colors of one type, or several dozen different, e.g. hybrids, titans and acrylics, and virtually all the accessories needed to work at your fingertips.

This desk has a built-in three-way power splitter that allows you to connect directly to, for example, a table lamp, UV manicure lamp and electric manicure drill, avoiding unnecessary tangled cables under your feet. All these devices can be turned on or off at once using rocker switch on the main panel which significantly increases the comfort of work.

Quality of materials used and durability of the product

Our goal was not to make the cheapest product on the market, but the most functional, good looking and durable at a reasonable price. To achieve this, we use components almost exclusively made in Europe from reputable suppliers.

We focus above all to make our devices work just as the customer expects, and look aesthetically pleasing

Furniture boards are supplied by renowned companies Swiss Krono and Egger. For our products, we usually choose premium class decors with a thick layer of chemically resistant resin.

Drawers in the Basic and Eco standards are for customers who mainly care about an effective dust and odor absorber, and want to save on drawers that have a significant impact on the final price.

Basic and Eco drawers have metal sides and the most popular roller guides on the market. The Eco version also has shock absorbers with a silent closing.

The guides for Premium drawers come from the reputable austrian Blum company and have a quiet closing as standard, which prevents the bottles from turning over with varnish and are characterized by very quiet and long-term trouble-free operation.

Fans come directly from a reputable German manufacturer that has been on the market for several decades. The fans used belong to the highest efficiency EC class and are characterized by smooth electronic speed control, low power consumption, moderate noise generated and very high durability.

The adjustment potentiometer is made by Bourns Inc US which is a leader in potentiometer technology that guarantees many years of trouble-free operation.

The grille and frame are made of laser cut stainless steel, which guarantees repeatability of dimensions, long-term durability, easy cleaning and precision of workmanship.

Hassle-free transport and commissioning

The desk is sent assembled on the transport pallet. After delivery, unpacking and connecting to the power socket, the desk is ready for work. Transport pallets are for single use and are not refundable.

Operation and service

On our website you can buy consumables such as replacement filters, table top grille

As a standard, we provide a two-year manufacturer's warranty on the desk and we provide post-warranty service

We are sure that people who decide to buy a desk will be completely satisfied with better work comfort and health

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