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Manicure dust filter 280mm square for Bianca, Emilia and Maja desks

Highest quality replacement filter for catching dust created during nail stylization.

Filtr pyłu do manicure - wkład wymienny do biurek manicure Emilia i Maja oraz stolika Bianca. Wysoka skuteczność w usuwaniu pyłu ze szlifowania paznokci oraz proszków akrylowych

The filter insert is intended for the use in Emilia, Maja and Bianca manicure desk made by Manicure Systems.

Approved ISO standard filter fleece produced in Poland. It catches over 99% of dust created during nail stylization. It is equally effective in catching dust from manual polishing of nails and using a manicure drill. Very effective in filtration of acrylic powders used in titanium nails.

A single sheet can be used several times. All you have to do is shake the dust off into the trash bag. After three emptyings, replacement is recommended because the particles trapped in the pores of the fabric reduce the air draft.

Apply with the soft side up!

Technical Data:

  • Length 280mm
  • Width 280mm
  • Thickness 5mm




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  • 280mm manicure dust filter